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Hey there….I’m Dr. Jackie!

I traded my 34-year-long successful chiropractic career for the mind-blowing science-based practice of neurofeedback and epigenetics so that the women I treat for overthinking brains, chronic pain, and depression from a dysregulated brain can finally have complete and permanent relief to live their most divine life.

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Psst: Did you know…

Your overthinking brain is not just “who you are.”

That chronic pain that you can’t shake no matter how many doctors you see or surgeries you have is not something you have to endure.

The autoimmune disease you've given up on is not unsolvable.

Your anxiety or depression from a dysregulated brain does not require having to choose between suffering and lifelong prescription medication.

Here’s the REAL truth:
You don’t have a bunch of health problems.
You have a dysregulated brain!

And when that happens, you experience chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and more…
But most importantly, there's so much LIVING you miss out on - and life is limited.

Are you ready to finally heal, get better, have more energy, and release anxiety and depression FOR GOOD?

I'm on a mission to get to the root cause of the problem so you can truly move past it…
So that joy, adventure, confidence, calm, courage, gratitude and being yourself is a NATURAL STATE again.



Let’s write a new one.

Why Work With Dr. Jackie?

Clients have received permanent results. Once the brain learns a new way to respond, it doesn't go back. Pain uses a lot of energy, so this work is transformational.

Drug free with no side effects. Prescription drugs are typically a band-aid, and keep you in a loop of negative side effects. My treatments do not rely on band-aids, as I aim for complete and permanent results.

I employ proven techniques and modern technology.  We will move you from “this is how I am” to “this is how I am meant to be.”

How can I help you experience freedom from pain, anxiety, and depression?

I want one small step to see what this is all about.

No worries! I’ve got the perfect thing for you to get you started: Register for my FREE “Calm Mind Workshop: Rewiring the Overthinking Brain” and experience a breakthrough you've been needing!

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I’m ready to finally feel better and live my most divine life!

Truly transform your life and feel better FOR GOOD with a personalized brain training protocol built JUST FOR YOU by Dr. Jackie herself. Book a FREE consultation now.

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I need more information first.

You’ve been through the ringer when it comes to big promises and lackluster results. 

Read all about the exciting science behind neurofeedback and why it’s my go-to for complete and permanent relief for my clients by clicking below.

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It wasn't until I began training the brain that my patients got permanent relief.

Hey there, I'm Dr. Jackie Kilraine!

For 34 years, I wore the chiropractor hat, dedicated to helping my patients find relief and optimize their lives.
But as time went on, they weren't experiencing the long-term improvements that I wanted for them, and along with that, I also was suffering silently with chronic anxiety and a brain that would never stop thinking!

It affected my sleep, my mood, my confidence (Hello, sweaty-palms, quivering-knees, and tightening-throat anxiety while presenting in front of large audiences of my peers for my chiropractic practice!)

To calm my overactive brain, I tried distracting myself with TV and alcohol, immersing myself in overworking, using prescription medications for depression and anxiety, and bought just about every supplement I came across that promised relief.

All of these “solutions” were just band-aids that caused other undesirable problems, and didn’t actually resolve my issues.

Enter neurofeedback (aka brain training), the game-changer I'd been seeking.

Training my brain has literally stopped my anxiety and fear. I can sleep now, I am calm when speaking in front of audiences, and my brain is blissfully able to just “be” when I’m not in work mode.

So, I traded in my chiropractic cape to become board-certified in neurofeedback, a certified epigenetics coach, and a Human Potential Coach. Since then, my patients/clients are experiencing truly mind-blowing complete and permanent results from their chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and illnesses.

Now it’s your turn to watch as your brain becomes balanced and your chronic problems become a thing of the past!

I'm genuinely thrilled to have this opportunity to help you tap into your limitless potential. Together, we'll embark on a transformative journey of rewiring your brain, unleashing your true power, and creating lasting change.

Buckle up, because incredible things are about to happen!

What clients have to say...

“Over the past year, you have changed my life and helped me put an end to my fibro pain with neurofeedback and the genetic testing you did for me.”

I got the answers just for me and my body that no one has ever been able to give to me until you. Now I am doing yoga, I have more focus and energy at work and I feel like me again.


“I still cry tears of joy from the amazing impact this program has had on my life.”

I came to Dr. Kilraine's office because out of all the doctors in the area Dr. Kilraine is the only one I fully trust. Before trying neurofeedback and Dr. Kilraine's program, I was taking several medications for pain and mental illness and combining that with counseling. I had been using this approach for over 15 years with very little progress at all. My results from this program have blown me away. After my second session I started to notice a different. By my 5th session I was able to stop taking all but 2 of my medications.


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